Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Consider Joseph

Journeying to Christmas, perhaps we can pause a moment and look at the nativity scene focusing in on Jesus' father, Joseph.
Put yourselves in his place and consider how you would feel if...

You were in love with a beautiful young lady and were engaged to her only to find out SHE'S PREGNANT!!!! (and you know you're not the father!). All the wonderful plans and dreaming of having her as your wife suddenly die and disgrace replaces them. Consider that.

In the night while you are spinning in your mind about the sudden turn in your life path, you dream and an angel of God is there....a huge shinning, beautifully powerful angel (Gabriel was one of the highest angels...an arch angel...the same as Lucifer was before his fall). He begins speaking directly to you an unbelievable message. And the message is actually telling you something to do regarding your future. You find out who the father is. And you are directed to take on an important role in a story only God could create. And that he would be the father of "God come in the flesh"!!!

Despite your situation and the disgraceful and judgmental thoughts/talk (whispers) that surround you, you quickly embrace the angel's directions and leave with your pregnant wife-to-be (there is no hiding the baby in her womb now) and go to your hometown to fulfill a required government law. All of the sudden, you are no longer living for your own needs...you are now a to-be-husband and a soon to be father (you know in a matter of days)!!!

Probably you meet and see others childhood friends and their family that have shown up in your hometown too. You struggle with not being able to explain what is happening but you determine to "obey God" over and over. It's really hard on you.

In your desperation to find a suitable place for your to-be-spouse (as any good father would do) to have this "special baby", the best you can provide is a cave animal shelter. There is no one to help deliver the baby....perhaps you even have to help deliver this baby and see your to-be-wife unclothed for the first time in this setting. Awkward at best.

Then there were those poor scraggly, smelly strangers that just "showed up" specifically to see your new baby (and you hadn't told anyone yet)....and they knew, like you, Who this baby is! Imagine the goose bumps...the joy (that had not been in your situation for months).

Imagine your thoughts turning to what it would be like to take your wife and new baby back to Nazareth...and then in sleep (again!) there is "that" angel and now he's saying to live somewhere else...not just another city, but a different country because the head government official has ordered soldiers to find and kill your baby! Imagine alarming feelings and urgency as a new father and husband! Imagine having to make hugely important decisions all of the sudden and second guessing yourself at every turn because you want to do what is best for your new family.

I've given you some of Joseph's story...but there is more in Luke and you might want to let the Holy Spirit lead you on to more wonderings....continue to journey to Christmas....

it is good for us to "consider Joseph"....a real man of God.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is much to ponder as Christmas approaches...much.
God has given us much to think about before Him.

It has been very meaningful to read the Christmas account in Luke.
There are many stories in this account woven into the bigger story of the Lord Jesus being born.
When I looked at John the Baptist's story, I was amazed at so many things...

Read the first four verses of Luke 1 and you will read why Luke felt compelled to write down what happened...to whom it happened...where it happened and when it happened.

Luke's Christmas story starts with the father of John the Baptist, Zacharias...
Luke 1:5-25

Luke 1:39-45

Luke 1:57-80

It's a fascinating story...to ponder...mull over and see parallels in today.

John had a key role in Christ's first appearing...to prepare the way of the Lord.
Christ is coming again....who is in the role of John the Baptist now? Could it be the Church, the Bride of Christ

enjoy...and send your impressions
We journey on to Christmas

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something to ponder....

Last night while reading a Guidepost Christmas story, the last paragraph from the story,
"The Christmas everything went wrong" caught my eye and I've pondered it today.
From the title you can tell alot about the story of a newlywed couple that had "planned" their first Christmas together and how perfect it would be....then "life" happened and one thing after another fell apart. Nothing happened as they thought it would....severe disappointments....then God stepped in in a myriad of little ways that were like dominos to turn everything back around.

The husband ends the story,
"Linda was right. The more important we make things, the less important people become.
We can work for, and hope for, a "perfect" Christmas, but the more we are caught up in
engineering it, the more readily it's mystery eludes us.
Christmas is Christ's day, not our day, but He has a way of sharing it with us as we share with
one another."

something to ponder, isn't it..
"and Mary pondered all these things in her heart"