Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Biggest piece

The Biggest Piece


“I’ll take the biggest piece!”

When I read this statement, it sounds like something a greedy person would say.

But when Jeremiah wrote about his portion (piece) in life, he said,

“The LORD is my portion”. (Lamentations 3:24)

What is he saying?

He is boasting in the Lord…boasting in the “Person” of God…

a real, living Being that he enjoyed relationship with as he lived life.

I guess his statement could have read like this,

“The Lord (Himself) is my portion”.

He is boasting in “who” God is and that that great God is His portion in life.

God is his piece and He is extremely happy and thankful about it!

Think of what our life today would have been like if we did not have God?!

Remember what it is like to be truly alone.

(pause and ponder that)

Jeremiah’s statement flows out of a humble, worshipful heart

that is proud (in a good sense) of the truth that God is His prize possession.


Think how big God is…

…how great God is…

…how loving God is…

…how generous God is…

On an on….

This is who Jeremiah was boasting in….and this is who Jeremiah was saying he had.

He was genuinely grateful that out of everything in life, God was his portion….

his “piece of life”.

I wonder if we’ve ever let ourselves boast in God like this?

I wonder what God would think about us doing that in front of others in some way….?

Why not give ourselves permission…to brag…boast…

express our heart about the One that lives there…

reveling in the truth …“the Lord is MY portion”!

He’s worthy of our praise and adoration!

We are like a little child that has asked for the biggest piece, and God has responded, “yes, I give you Myself!”

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