Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Go back to the bus stop

“Go back to the bus stop…”


Recently, a friend was telling me about his conversion experience that happened many years ago.

He is a very sharp intelligent person who battled in his mind trying to figure out the big issues of life. He couldn’t do it. It nagged him….bothered him…pestered him for a good while. He knew he needed to make a choice whether he would completely embrace the Lord Jesus as his…or reject Him and continue on as he had before. He was desperate.

At a bus stop, the Holy Spirit met him there and brought him to the point of decision.

He was not planning on such an unlikely place to make such a monumental decision!

But at last, he did business with Jesus and gave Him all. He chose to follow Jesus from that point on. Great choice!

After he told me this, he began to pour out to me that he was wrestling with some huge hardships in his life and it was weighing him down in a big way. He couldn’t seem to break through in his mind.

When I heard him pour out his heart in that way, the Spirit quickened to me to say to him,

“go back to the bus stop in your imagination and do business with God”.

This is a wonderful use of the imagination that God has given us….we can go to places where God tells us and meet with Him there in our imagination!

Imagine that!

I have places where God powerfully met me and touched me intimately….I can go back there in my imagination and meet Him again with the things that I am struggling with now. It can be a very powerful way to transact heart business with God and also to intercede for others. Maybe they are in similar hard places where I have been. I can intercede for them in my imagination from the memory of those places God healed me.

So, if you feel stuck or dry in your heart and you’re longing for something special from God, why not get quiet before God and go back to YOUR bus stop?

Pour out your heart to Him there and let Him come to you in the way He knows you need.

Maybe He will surprise you with His goodness…again?

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