Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Confirmations of Peace

Confirmations of Peace


As I continue on into the maturity that the Holy Spirit is leading in my life,

hearing His voice (all the time) has become paramount.

Sometimes His voice is the quiet and gentle words that are impressed on my spirit …

but lately, He has been teaching me another way He leads and speaks.

It is through the “confirmations of peace


It requires that I am sensitive to what is going on in my inner life where He lives…to continue to be sober minded and vigilant.

Like the story of the 10 virgins, this is what it means to have plenty of oil. I am attentive to Him as a lifestyle.

When I am seeking Him for His direction, and I hear what I think is His voice,

I believe He is pleased when I ask for confirmation.

I am experiencing “His peace” as one of the most important confirmations that He gives.

And that is why He is accurately named the “Prince of Peace”….

He comes with His peace…

And He generously gives His peace to those who seek Him with a yielded heart.

He really has made it THAT easy for us.

“My sheep know My voice….”

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