Wednesday, November 4, 2009




On a warm summer evening in our back yard, as darkness comes, fireflies often begin to blink their messages of light. It always stirs a feeling of child-like enjoyment in me…I never know where the next little light is going to happen and I like “being on tip toe” waiting for it. That is enjoyable to me.

When God created each person, He designed us uniquely and wonderfully. He put His fingerprints on each of us in different ways. As we develop and mature in Christ, there are times when that uniqueness “comes out”….like a firefly giving off one of it’s blinks of light.

You may see it in the way someone helps another person steer away from a harmful circumstance….or see it in the way someone gives what they have to help others who don’t have much…or you may see someone visit a sick person that is feeling weary, depressed and alone and encourage them deeply to have hope again…

These are the fireflies that blink in the darkness of our day….these are things God is doing through others around us. These are His fireflies.

It is good to daily look past our own life and needs and see others and how God is shining through them….point it out to them…encourage them along their life journey. And perhaps one day, that little firefly will become a powerful lighthouse that shines continuously.

I’ll bet in the next hour after you read this, there is going to be a firefly that blinks close by you…watch and wait…

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