Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uniquely You!


By Rich Davis


Time often brings clarity.

The important things become clearer and clearer.

How does that translate for a children’s book illustrator?

You are not anyone else but you….you are uniquely you!

You have your own style….your own preferences…your own expression.

There is only one You! You are incredibly unique in every way.

All of us journey in finding who that artist is inside of us.

To confuse this journey, we live in a culture that wants to puts people on pedestals…it is looking to make some famous. That’s probably not going to be you and I!

It really is not the address where happiness lives anyway.

Awards and lists and all the “bells and whistles” are fine…but not necessary to “the real you” (as an artist) being content and happy. You have permission to proceed on in your journey to find your significance and uniqueness without having to be distracted by the pursuit of fame and prestige. Fame is perception and very elusive anyway. And, it doesn’t satisfy very long. ..then, like a drug, you have to have a little more the next time.

Bottom line: the worthwhile pursuit is to find YOU as an artist.

Someone made you….you’re not a random “it” that happened one day in a hospital.

Someone designed you….Someone that saw that He would put the gift of art inside you and you would love beauty and the ability to create things like He does. Someone who loves you as His masterpiece has made only one you. And He smiles when He looks at you and He enjoys you with deep satisfaction. He is the One that placed that incredible gift inside you….He designed you with a purpose that is from His heart of love and you are not just here by chance. There is a reason for your life.

It’s your time on center stage…and the time goes quick.

That is reality.

Finding that unique artist is our privilege and no one else can make that journey for us.

I encourage you in your creative process today, have conversations with your Designer about why you are here now in this generation with the gift you have….He’s the only One who has the answers of those deep questions of our heart. He delights to help those who seek Him as their answer….and He is full of good surprises for each of us journeying along daily. He not only wants to help but has the power and resources to do so.

There is something for you to express…something for you to say….it’s your time and art is your language.

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