Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting Ready..."the" voice

Getting Ready…”the” voice.


“Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, “today, if you will hear His voice,

do not harden your hearts….” Hebrews 3:7,8

What does the voice of the Holy Spirit sound like to you?

If someone asked you to describe it, what would you say?

Can you easily spot it in the midst of all the voices you hear daily?

Is His voice distinctive to you above all others?

It will need to be in the coming difficult days. There will be much confusion and hardship and rejection for each of us that love the Lord Jesus. We will have to rely on Him to carry us through moment by moment.

But our relationship with Him will blossom and grow like never before!

If we don’t know His voice by then, it will be very difficult to try and learn ….many who do not know His voice will easily cave in and fall away. The pressure will be too great.

But, it is not too late, now…

Why not ask Him to teach you….starting now .

Ask Him….and surrender yourself to Him and become a student of hearing “the” voice.

It is one of the most thrilling things there is in this life!

You might hear something like this…

“I love you…I always have. I always will. Do not fear the days ahead because I am with you and I will not leave you. We have many adventures together ahead!”

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