Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Present for us

A Present for us


*Catherine Marshall wrote,

“Thankfulness, as nothing else does, enables us to live in the present moment”

She goes on to explain that when we live in the present moment with the consciousness that God is there with us and giving so much to us in that moment, our hearts can gush with thankfulness.

Just consider what is coming to you (freely) in this moment right now….

your next breath…

a heart that is pumping life to your whole body…

a strong, vigorous mind that constantly processes life….

fingers that can move and do a myriad of tasks instantly…

freedom from persecution and violence…

incredibly good and plentiful food to eat…

friends and family that you enjoy being with and that love you.

These are just a few of the gifts He is giving us…in “this present moment”.

Do you see it?

There are past moments

And future moments….

but we can only live in this “present moment”

These present moments are a “present from God” because He is in them….thus the name,

“present moment”.

He is present in our present moment and that is a present indeed!

It is my strong desire that as you read this you will want to take time in your busy, hectic day and enjoy (deeply) what is being given to you in this present moment….

this gift from God!

* From Something More, Spire Books, copyright 1974

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