Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting Ready...paying attention

Getting Ready….paying attention.


The story that the Lord Jesus told about the ten virgins, is a story about waiting and looking and being ready. What if you missed your flight to the Hawaiian islands (a life long dream that you had planned for many years) because you got distracted at home watching the latest TV reality show?

God wants us to take up a very serious watch and vigil and readiness in these days. It is our time to “get ready”. It is not only for His second coming, but also for His coming in our daily moments. How often has Jesus passed by us and we never even saw Him?

When we apply ourselves to “getting ready” in our hearts, every thought and action and word in that direction is like “investing” in the future God wants to give us (the same as He wanted to give the children of Israel by going into the promise land). John the Baptist’s message was, “prepare ye the way of the Lord”. Now, the body of Christ is being given the same exact message….”prepare ye the way of the Lord”! We do this by preparing our own heart so that God can use us in preparing other hearts.

We must be ready out of our great love for the Lord Jesus. We must.

And we have mercifully been given a Helper to prepare us step by step for the days ahead. He is speaking…He is leading. He knows exactly how to get us ready.

Are we paying attention to Him?

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is speaking to the church”.

Jesus Christ, Revelations

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