Wednesday, November 4, 2009

lesson of the squirrel

The lesson of the Squirrel


Recently while driving down a two lane highway, a squirrel taught me a was a lesson that cost him everything.

As I drove in my lane around a curve, I noticed a squirrel that had hopped across the dotted line from my lane into the oncoming lane and was just a hop from safety....but he stopped when he saw me coming (eventhough I wasn’t in his lane) and he even jumped up and made himself face back in the direction he came from. Toward my lane! “Oh no!” I breathed.

That’s when I started blowing my horn in hopes of scarring him back into the direction of safety. It looked like it was going to work when I noticed a car coming from the opposite direction and it was almost to him. I kept blowing my horn.

I looked in my rear view mirror and now saw two cars coming from behind me at a fast pace. My heart was really pumping as all this unfolded in seconds.

Thankfully I went past the squirrel without harming him. That’s when he was finally galvanized to action.

He darted back and forth a couple of times then zoomed right into the path of the two cars behind me. Thump!

I let out a yell in my car and pounded the steering wheel as I watched his violent death in my rear view mirror.

I spoke out loud unrestrained...”Why, Lord?! Why?! Such a waste! He could have easily gotten across the road problem!!!”

I had tried to help save his life and had failed. I felt terrible.

Then, in my heart I heard the still small voice...”the lesson of the squirrel”.

And I saw the numbers 1 and 2.

“ok, the lesson has two parts....” I said.

By the number 1 I saw the word, “aware” and I knew this to mean, “be aware of what is going on around you”.

By the number 2 I saw the word, “decisive”and I knew this to mean, “give yourself 100% to the direction you discern I’m leading and then get moving (don’t hesitate)!”

It was a lesson that came with power.

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