Monday, November 30, 2009

Making a goal

Christmas is coming again!
When you climb into bed on the evening of December 25th, 2009, what will you say about the Christmas season that you just went through?
Was it the best ever?
Was it deeply meaningful to you?
Was it just another Christmas season to cross off the calendar?
Was it depressing and draining?
Will you feel like you're glad it's over?

What is in the Father's heart for you this coming Christmas season?
Have you thought to inquire of Him about it?
Does He even have an opinion...or better yet, a desire for you with Christmas?

These are thoughts that have been coming to my mind and He is leading me to look ahead towards December 25th and make choices now about what I desire for this Christmas season.
From these choices, I feel He is saying to me, "make time and heart-effort to prepare for what I desire for you this Christmas".

December 1st is tomorrow and we will be stepping into the 24 days before Christmas.
Our flesh may feel sudden alarm that Christmas is so soon and we have so much to, sending cards, decorating....

but wait...
we are talking about preparing our hearts as the primary thing.
For now, let's let the others things go on the back burners of our mind.
Let's come back to what the Father wants for you and I this Christmas.
Let's make that the main thing in our thinking

Let's ask for help from the Helper that Jesus gave us...
"Holy Spirit, lead us to Jesus. Lead us into the steps of preparation this Christmas in order to bring our very best gift from our heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen"

Here are a couple of things to help us begin:
1) the name CHRISTMAS means...
Christ..."Anointed of the Lord"
mas...."festival or feast day"
Combined...."festival of Christ (the Anointed of the Lord)"

Try and think about it everytime you see the word "Christmas"...on a card; on tv; in music; on the internet, etc

2) The first Christmas was about God's Anointed one coming to earth as a servant and as our Savior...every Christmas can now be a wonderful reminder that He is coming again; this time as the reigning Lord of Lords and King of Kings that every eye will see and know. We must prepare for that day as Jesus told us in the parable of the 10 virgins. It means we must prepare now. Christmas can be a wonderful exercise for our future in Christ...looking for His return. Remember, we have the Helper that Christ gave us to do this..."ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened to you."

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Rich! Having WA family over so want to keep the main thing the main thing!