Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am wounded

“I’m wounded…”


“I’m wounded….”

This is something I am admitting in this season of my life.

It’s hard to be “the needy one”….I’ld rather be the one that “has it together”.

But, surprisingly, I’m finding that my own healing has begun just by

coming out of the closet of my thoughts and admitting “I’m wounded”.

It is helping me.

It’s not a quick fix…but it is part of the process of God’s healing for me.

Adrenaline can carry someone fighting in a fierce battle even when

they have been badly wounded. They may not even realize they have a deep wound.

But when the fighting is over, the pain begins to come and the wound

is quickly discovered.

It feels good to be honest….life beats us up every day. We just can’t dodge every bullet that comes our way. Some of them are going to pierce our souls.

Part of God’s redemption in these painful places is that Jesus

becomes more intimate to us out of our need for healing.

We all need Him.

If you have discovered that you have wounds too…

I invite you to join me in admitting…

“I’m wounded…”

Then cry for help from Jesus…He hears you and He will not fail you!”

“Give me more grace, Jesus, to cooperate with how the Holy Spirit leads me

to Your wholeness again. And, Jesus, thank You so much.”

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