Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The King's ink

The King’s Ink


The King gives different amounts of ink to each one of us.

He carefully and wisely pours that amount in our ink well at the very beginning.

It is enough to last us our whole lifetime.

The goal is to use it all up…to the last drop.

It is a living version of the parable of the talents.

The ink is the expressions of His heart.

He is love.

That is what He puts in us.

I am the pen He has made. He has given my pen a nib that is different than any one elses.

He wanted it to be different in it’s ability to express.

When I am in His presence and connected with His heart,

that is when the pen is dipped into the ink well.

Then the pen is loaded and ready to express the life that is in it.

Sometimes the pen writes….sometimes it speaks….sometimes it draws…

sometimes it dances….sometimes it cooks and sometimes it sings.

Through these, the ink is released and put down and others see the expression of the King’s heart.

Feel dry?

There is still more ink left for you….

Take a dip in the King’s ink….

then release what has been put in you.

“Freely you have received, freely give”

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