Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting Ready...waste not

Getting Ready…waste not.


Time is a gift from God to me. Once today’s time is gone, I can never get it back.

The river of life never flows backward…only forward…and it does not take a rest.

I entered eternity when I said “YES” to Jesus in my heart.

I gave Him all because He already gave His all to me.

I know that he made me for a special purpose He has.

I can only walk in that purpose (that carries my highest potential as a person) if I am listening and responding to Christ’s leading through the Holy Spirit.

When I waste time, I am wandering away and choosing to reject the One who made me and seeks my best all the time. I am choosing to turn a deaf ear from the One who perfectly cares about me and thinks loving thoughts about me all the time.

When the Holy Spirit shows me this, I can cry out for grace

to run back to Jesus and repent because I missed Him and

want to please Him and have unbroken fellowship with Him.

Out of love, I surrender all of myself and time resources to Him once again.

In these preparation days, I desperately need to stay mindful of the gift of time God has given me and monitor whether I am investing it or wasting it. In eternity, I will want to say that I am so glad I made this choice now before it was too late.

Jesus, I choose You…now and always. Help me prize the time You have given me as a precious gift to love You.

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