Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Surrender

I surrender (Period!)


SURRENDER and TRUST with God go hand in hand…in that order.

It is impossible to fully trust God until we have entirely surrendered to God.

There is no partial surrender in God’s kingdom.

It is all the way…or nothing.

The result and prominent sign of this “full surrender and full trust” is GLAD OBEDIENCE.

These three things are “Kingdom words and Kingdom ways”.

And, they are words completely submerged in the Love of God.

Because we love God, we surrender, trust and gladly obey.

This is what an intimate relationship with God looks like.

SURRENDER to Jesus first. (deny yourself)

Fully TRUST in Jesus second. (have faith in God)

Give GLAD OBEDIENCE to Jesus last. (if you love Me, obey My commandments)

Don’t expect yourself to be able to “trust and obey”

if you haven’t completely surrendered first.

Surrendering to God is not a “feeling”, it is a choice of our will.

To win….Give up first.

“I surrender all, I surrender all, All to Thee, my precious Savior, I surrender all”

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