Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Modern day miracle

Modern Day Miracle


Today I witnessed one of the miracles of Jesus.

Jesus is redeeming a friend’s life inside and out, one day at a time.

During the week, I had asked this friend if he wanted to share his story (thus far) with the Sunday school class that I facilitate.

He quickly answered, “yes”.

When today came and he began sharing from his heart, I could see the class (about 20 people) soaking in his honesty. They were relating…not condemning.

We all were engrossed and impacted by what he was sharing.

Gradually, something wonderful was taking place.

He talked about his failures and addiction and things he greatly regretted he had done and been ensnared in…. even suicidal thoughts.

This was a church-going christian that had helped others in similar places in the past.

But through all the pain and sorrow, his heart’s door was flung open and he cried out as he never had before to the Lord Jesus.

And Jesus poured out unconditional love to him…often through people and circumstances.

Through his repentance, God keeps pouring out more and more grace to him…and to others.

Remarkably, the change now in this person has brought a glow and an unmistakable warmth that had never been there before.


When he was through sharing, it led into a most beautiful time for everyone to share from their heart as well. A connection had been made between this person and the class.

Jesus was seen and experienced.

Grace flowed to the whole group because this person had chosen to open his life and be vulnerable. The impacting result was that others wanted to open their heart.

He considered it a privilege to open his life to us.

I hope to persuade you today to be willing to open your life to someone else…be vulnerable…it may be a life line to them and you will also receive the incredible blessing of experiencing the person, Jesus Christ, for yourself.

What are we waiting for?

“God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”

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