Wednesday, November 4, 2009



(of the Heart)

Seasons of the heart are like the seasons we live in year to year.

They have many similarities….God wants us to understand His seasons for us.

Our journey through life has many seasons.

Every season has things about it that help us know what season it is….think about what defines winter….spring….summer…fall.

He told us that nature would tell us about Him….what He is like….His character and

The incredible bigness and precision of His person. He made us in His image….He knows that we need “visual” things to help explain and reveal (in simple ways) His person and His ways.

“the heavens declare the glory of God”…..see? Clouds, blue skies, storms, rainbows, stars, shooting stars, galaxies, planets, the sun and moon….they all help us know Him.

He said it would be that way and that “no man would be without excuse” because of the picture that nature gives us. It has much to teach us about Him…if we want to know.

“To everything there is a season”

God made seasons for a reason….there’s reasons for seasons….hmmmm.

I think it’s a good idea to notice seasons….I think God meant to say a lot of things

To us through seasons…..Winter….Spring….Summer….Fall.

Here are some things I’ve noticed:

Seasons were set up to repeat….to make a pattern. I think this was nice of God, we can

At least anticipate what season is coming because their order has happened the same since the beginning. Think about it……year 1…winter, spring, summer, fall….year 2.…winter, spring, summer, fall….year 3….winter, spring, summer, fall….etc, etc…

I don’t think He has ever skipped a season or put them out of order out of all the years man has lived on the earth God created. That’s kind of amazing….really….especially in light of the fact that God creates a new design for every snowflake that ever has or will fall from the sky.

The seasons may come in the same order year after year, but there are definitely new and different things that happen each new season that didn’t happen the year before. One fall, the first frost happens in October…the next year the frost may come early in late September. Or one summer it rains 1 time in June through August….the next year it rains 10 times.

Seasons “overlap” each other….they don’t just “stop” and “start”….as one seasons is fizzling out, another season begins to appear…it’s a change that evolves over a period of time. Winter turns into spring through the month of March but you may still have cold snaps happening in spurts as the temperatures begin to get warmer and the wind begins to blow starting to push out the inactivity of winter into the burst of life of spring.

All these physical things about seasons help us begin to grasp what seasons of the heart are about in our life. We’re always in one season or another….they are an endless parade that God has for us.

Seasons don’t last forever….whatever season I am in, it will end…and another will begin. If I like the season I’m in, then that is hard to deal with. If I don’t like the season I’m in, then that is good news!

You can’t stop seasons….you can’t run away from them….they just continue to happen.

Each season has it’s own special activities….and it’s own special clothes you wear.

There is beauty and wonder even in the seasons that we like least….baking cookies in the winter making the kitchen we warmer while a bitter cold day is outside can become a cherished life-long memory.

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