Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Punching a ticket

Punching a Ticket


Can you picture in your imagination one of the old train depots….see the smoke billowing up from one of those huge iron monsters and hear the sounds of people talking and the bell ringing and the hissing of the engine. Then see the ticket agent…always seemed to be an little guy with the bushy mustache and the pocket watch with the chain hanging down. He has the hand punch and he’s going from person to person punching their ticket for the train ride.

Why did he do that? What was that about…was it all that important?

Maybe we have thought that it is enough to “have your ticket” and that’s it. But these former times show us that the ticket needed to be “punched” in order for it to be “valid” for that time.


How does that apply to you and me today?

Think of a ticket as something God has given us….an ability or a call that has come from Him to be a way that His purpose for making us is worked out. It’s there inside each one of us. But the ticket has to be “punched”….

you may be one of God’s ticket agents for someone else today.

If you see an ability or call that God has placed on someone else today…if He allows your heart’s eyes to see it…then ask Him how you can “validate” that ticket. It may be by something encouraging you say…or a note…or a gift to them….the Holy Spirit is very creative…just ask Him how to punch their ticket…then step up and do it.

Maybe they can’t take the train ride until their ticket is validated….punched.

All aboard!

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